Friday, November 27, 2009

A Christmas Carol.

first, i just wanna say, sorry for not posting here in a very-very-very-very long time. thanks for those who still setia memposting reviews even though we know this blog dah lama tak aktif. phew~

A Christmas Carol. though christmas is still weeks away, this movie has hit the screen starting from last week, i guess. I, myself dah lama gila tak jejak kaki kat wayang so i went there with hope to see something good comes out of it.

the 3D animation, i respect. they've been using the same method as "Beowulf" which is MOTION CAPTURE to make the movements seemed very realistic. even the panggung is full house, alright! sorry if i compared this movie to "Beowulf", but i think "Beowulf" is soooo much betterr.

the storyline of A Christmas Carol was a drag. a painful drag i must say. though it is animation we're talking about, but the contents are not the slightest bit fun. at all. it's true Jim Carrey had some roles in it, and we knew that whenever he acts/plays, it always going to be fun fun fun!

but this movie is not.

it's a bit scary with ghosts floating around, with moral values stuffed in it, and plenty of sins to repent! this type of storyline is biasa-biasa jer la...ala you know, whenever festive season kan mesti ada cerita pasal keinsafan2 ni....especially film barat.

for those who don't believe in christmas, mesti ada something yang berlaku on christmas eve untuk tunjukkan yang christmas is real.

banyak sangat dah cerita macam tu di produced.

"12 Days Before Christmas", "that movie when Tim Allen had to be Santa", and many more.

Maybe i'm not celebrating it so i feel this way. maybe it's just me. pardon me then.

but all in all, this movie was boring enough, and a bit disappointing too.

btw, this movie was adapted from a book by Charles Dickens with same title. sorry but i'm not a Dickens's fan.

though Charles Dickens is a world renowned author, he must had his reasons for writing that story, i respect him for it. but when it comes to storytelling on screen, i am disappointed. it felt like i was reading a book. a boring one.

:) no offense. i haven't set foot in cinema for a very-very long time.

but the good part of this movie is (other than its animation), how Charles Dickens taught us to be grateful for what you are, and not to look down on unfortunate people around you. and how lonely we will be if we live alone and neglecting others. that's the spirit of Christmas, Dickens!

and also how Dickens portrayed roh2 manusia yang berdosa, the more we commit sins, the more chains will bind us later when we died. just like apa yang dah tertulis dalam Al Quran, hukuman yang kita menghentak kepala ke batu berkali-kali, terbakar berkali-kali, everything seperti itu Charles Dickens dah portray in his book. and he's not a Muslim.

i think that's all i can say about this movie. no more.

p/s: dah lama aku tertanya-tanya, orang Melayu Islam kita ni tak mau ke buat filem berdasarkan Al Quran? Not secara terang-terangan mcm Syurga Cinta tu, but secara halus, macam orang Barat selalu buat. Contohnya; "Evan Almighty"(pasal Nabi Nuh), "2012"(pasal kiamat), "300" (yang seakan meniru konsep perang zaman nabi dulu - tentera Islam 313 org, tentera kafir lebih ramai) dan banyak lagi sebenarnya. Kenapa orang Barat yang buat? KENAPA TIDAK KITA?

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MeGa said...

aku x tertariknk tgk movie ni sbb poster die. =p

*suke ar entri ko. somel.

Muse said...

better tgk Ninja Assassin. RAIN is SUPERhot~