Thursday, October 14, 2010

he's turtly amazing. not really.

well yesterday i watched Sammy's Adventure: The Secret Passage. i long to watch something at the cinema because i haven't been to one for months!!. anyway, a round of applause to Sammy's 3D animation and background setting. it felt as though everything was real. like i've been into the ocean myself. i wonder what would it be like if i wore 3D specs yesterday...

the story, anyway, is a bit drag. and super linear. the climax didn't seem like climax at all. everytime Sammy confronts a tough situation, he can always get out of it easily.  plus there were TOO MANY SOUNDTRACKS, it felt stuffy. though the soundtracks are all nice songs, it felt as though this movie was to promote Bruno Mars' single tracks or something.

plus plus, the message about human beings are unpredictable is soo clear. yea, you would notice it too when they keep REPEATING IT ALL OVER! It's a bit draggy in th emiddle, and teh ending was a bit HINDUSTANISH and KOREANISH~! hahaha.

well, other than that, it was entertaining. sort of.


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