Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sekali Lagi? No thanks.

the story content is pretty different from the others. but the story telling.......omo......kenapa dan why EVERY romantic comedy oleh Metrowealth teruk sgt ha?

cara story ni digarap not as beautiful as the story itself. it brings tears, yea, but not enough to make us remember and still crying about those moments. once again the sound factory is too much, thank you. watak Mia Sara kat sini cute, tp emotionless. if this is supposed to be romantic comedy, the issue is too heavy.

Aku sebenarnya impressed dgn content of the story because at least it's pretty similar to A Moment To Remember, Korean movie. but then,  dek kerana nak sumbat the so-called 'romantic-comedy', story ni jadi bleak and just another Metrowealth product.

If Khabir Bhatia directed it, i guess it would turn out better..?

I dunno. I always ALWAYS tell myself not to watch any Metrowealth movies again. there, i was right.

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